Year 3 Homework

Homework – Due Monday 21st September 2020

Please see Task Sheet for reminders about where to send the completed homework and about reading.

Maths – Place Value

We have been working hard on consolidating our understanding of Place Value over the course of the last few lessons.  The sheet has three tasks of increasing levels of difficulty – please can your child try to complete either A or B or C.  

Whilst they can do it on the sheet, it is good practise for presentation if they are able to write it out themselves e.g.

Section A

  1. 45 = 40 + 5       (we would advise against drawing the boxes!).

Where it asks for a number to be partitioned, this means it should be broken into Hundreds, Tens and Ones e.g. 384 = 300 + 80 + 4.