Tuck shop

Welcome to the Spring Term and Happy New Year!

Fruit day: Wednesday

Toast day: Friday



We would like to inform you that 'Ginger and Pickles', our school tuck shop, will be closing tomorrow 15 December and re-opening for the Spring Term on Monday 8 January 2024.

Stationery orders may still be placed via email (please email: school.council@west-byfleet-junior.surrey.sch.uk) and we will be happy to deliver Pencil cases to class from Wednesday 3 January.

A polite reminder to please help us help you by encouraging your children to collect any Lost property tomorrow before lunchtime. Any item with no label - or that has not been claimed via email to us - will be donated or disposed of.

Thank you for your support!

With best wishes for a Happy Christmas.


Our school tuck-shop, 'Ginger & Pickles', inspired by Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Ginger and Pickles, is opening for business on Monday 30 October.

A range of healthy snacks and drinks will be available to purchase at competitive prices. 

WBJS Ginger & Pickles will be open every day at Breaktime.

We will have a Wednesday special with a seasonal fruit or vegetable ‘of the day’ that we hope the children will be especially looking forward to and a Friday special of hot toast.

All our pupil shop assistants pride themselves on good manners, safe food hygiene and great customer service!