Science Activity Day Thur 2 April

We have planned some science sessions online for WBJS pupils, from an astrophysics lecturer, who has created sessions for 7-11 year olds, the sessions are on

"Our Solar System" and "Space Travel".

We have been offered two livestreams on Thursday 2 April:

The talk at 10:00 will be on "Our Solar System" and will be at this link:                          

The talk at 13:30 will be on "Space Travel" and will be at this link:                                    

For both, Michelle Collins be using Slido to set up fun polls for the kids to participate in, and through which they can ask questions. They will need to go to when the event starts, and use the event code #WBJS (this will be the same for both talks).

Mrs Collins will spend a couple of minutes explaining who she is, and explaining how to use Slido. Then she will talk with slides for about 20 minutes. After that, she will answer any questions your children have submitted in Slido. Once the questions run out (or we hit one hour) the live broadcast will end.