School Council 2019-20

We are currently working on various projects including the purchase of a kiosk for the playground that selling can be based from, the introduction of allergy friendly snacks at break and developing pupil parliament allowing more children the chance to contribute to positive developments in their time at school.


At West Byfleet Junior School, each class has a school council rep that meets with the Year 6 School Council Committee to share views to help improve the school.

I am happy to announce that the School Council Committee for 2019-20 is:

Chair - Summer Bliss; Vice Chair - Eliza Perry

Finance - Tom French, Ophelia Wakeford, Yasmin Kelly and Poppy Way

Secretary - Melissa Abbott; Vice Secretary - Lucy Lewis

Events - Isobel Pugh, Lola Gopalan, Daniel Read

Marketing - Harriet Miller, Connie Craddock and Zara Murphy

Inclusion Manager - Sophie Price