Reading Ambassadors

The Reading Ambassadors are the reading champions of our school! They love to read and are passionate about sharing their favourite books and getting all children involved with reading. They do this through running their own Reading Club at lunchtimes, setting up competitions and sharing book recommendations during assemblies.

Meet our Reading Ambassadors and hear it straight from them!

Lisbet, Year 6

"I love the fact you get lost in the world that the book is set in. If you are lonely, you have something to be with and somewhere to be."

Tabitha, Year 6

"I just like that there are so many different places in books, and with a book you don't have to be where you actually are, you can go somewhere else."

Darcey, Year 6

"I like that it takes me away to different places and I can experience different things. I like to learn new words through books and it helps me with my learning too."

Aurelie, Year 6

"I love being transported to a different universe through a book. I like to learn new things with books and sharing this with my friends."

Adriana, Year 6

"The thing I love about reading is that you are never in the same story. You are always travelling around to new places and it keeps you hooked in that world."

Mariam, Year 5

"I love that you never know what is going to happen next in a book. I like predicting what will happen next and being surprised!"

Eliza, Year 5

"I love reading because you can dive into a new world of imagination, and no matter what is happening in the real world you can go back to the fictional book world."