Pupil Leaders 2019-20

Following presentations to the whole school, the pupils at WBJS elected the following children to be part of this year's new Pupil Leadership Team. 

 This year our Pupil Leadership Team is:

  • Daniel Wallbank
  • Ella Pollock
  • Ava Pring
  • Sophie Cutler
  • Aadam Qureshi

A message from our new team of leaders!

Ava: Hello! I’m Ava and am presently on the Pupil Leadership Team 2019-2020. I am extremely overjoyed to have been picked for the Leadership Team. I am very grateful to have this amazing opportunity to help lead the school. Thank you!

Sophie: Hello, my name is Sophie and I have just joined on the Pupil Leadership Team. I am delighted to have been voted to represent our wonderful school. I will try my hardest to make this school a better place. Thank you!

Daniel: Hello, I’m Daniel, I have been voted to be on the Pupil Leadership Team. I am very appreciative to have been picked. I will try my best to help and evolve the school. Thank you!

Ella: Hello, my name is Ella and I am part of the Pupil Leadership Team. I am really grateful to have been given this incredible privilege to be on the Leadership Team 2019-2020. I’ll be working with Sophie, Ava, Aadam and Daniel to help improve the school with all of our amazing ideas. Thank you!

Aadam: Hello, I’m Aadam and I’m currently on the Pupil Leadership Team 2019-2020. I’m pleased to have been given the opportunity to be on The Leadership Team this year as I think I’m great for the role. As part of The Leadership Team I’m going to be working hard with the school to make it the best it could possibly be. Thank you!

Our aims for the year:

Until the end of Year 6, we are going to try to do lots of things to the best of our ability. Some of these are:

  • Including more fundraising events for charity,
  • Adding more fruit and veg to school dinners e.g. watermelon, apple and olives so that the every child have a wide selection of their 5 a day.
  • Adding more choices to snack-bar, for children who may not like some of the snacks we sell at the moment.
  • We are also going to speak to the lunch-time-supervisors about letting the packed lunch and school dinners sit together again, as lots of people have asked us to do that.


    Thank you! Ella, Sophie, Ava, Aadam, Daniel.