1. Brainy Babies
A fun educational site using cartoon baby versions of historical characters to stimulate curiosity in younger children. Each baby represents one area of learning (history, science, etc) and links are provided to other appropriate sites. You can guide Baby Cleopatra, Baby Einstein and so on through an interactive cartoon adventure or face their questions in the Brainfood Quiz.

2. British Agency for Adoption and Fostering
The BAAF is Britain's leading agency for adoption and fostering. Its web site is a good starting point for families looking to investigate either possibility. It has to be said that the site is neither lively nor interactive as visitors are unable to ask questions, send emails or join forums. Still, there's useful general information.

3. Britkids
This engaging website explores the cultural diversity of the British community, and invites teenagers to 'hang out' with the 'Britkids'. Users encounter imaginary characters from nine different ethnic backgrounds, who talk about their family life, religious beliefs, and experiences of living in Britain.

4. BUPA Children's Health
Masses of information about children's health.

5. BUPA Factsheets
One of the most comprehensive collections of online Mosby factsheets covering all aspects of health.

6. BUPA Health Service Search
Find a hospital, dentist, health club, or any health related organaisation

7. Department of Health

8. DFeS Parents Centre

9. Educational Establishments List
This section lists all UK public sector bodies associated with education.

10. NHS Online
The National Health Service's online health portal.


12. School Link
Buy books at bargain prices and help the school funds at the same time.

13. The Guardian Education Section

14. The Times Education Section,,65,00.html