Parent Consultations via Zoom - March 2022

All Classes: Monday 7 March 16:30-19:00 and Wednesday 9 March 15:40-18:00
Inclusion Manager:  Monday 7 March 15:30-18:30

This term we are planning to hold our parent consultations via Zoom again.  The format of the meetings will still be the same and they will involve a 10-minute meeting to discuss your child’s progress.  You will be given information on how to log in nearer the time.
We would encourage your child to be a part of the meeting as we feel it is often valuable to discuss learning and progress with the child present and we are particularly recommending that Year 6 children are present during parent/teacher meetings.
To ensure that our parent consultation meetings are consistent in approach and information given, we have provided a list of areas that your child’s class teacher will discuss with you at the meeting

  • Next steps in learning
  • Potential in all areas
  • Reference to where your child is working within the class, and what parents can do at home to help
  • Wellbeing of the children
  • Learning behaviour and general conduct. 

It is important for us and other parents that we keep to our timing schedule as others will be waiting to log in, and each session will last 10 minutes. Can we remind you that if there are any issues regarding your child, there is the parent to teacher email system in place to communicate these and you can also make telephone or Zoom appointments through the office at any time.
We are offering the opportunity for you to sign up online for your child’s appointment.  The link will be live from 08:00am on Thursday 10 February you will find them on the school website via the parent tab:

You will be asked to enter your child’s name, select the date and time of your chosen appointment and enter your email address, you will then receive confirmation on the screen and a message to your emails confirming the date and time you have booked.  If you are unable to access our website online, please speak to a member of the office who can book an appointment for you.