No Fireworks or Fairs? How you can still help

This year there have been fewer play dates, smaller birthday parties, no school outings or fairs, cancelled residential trips, no joint-playtimes or discos and who can forget the trauma of home-schooling? Young lives in 2020 have looked a lot different to normal. There are mountains of things you cannot do at the moment, but what you can do is ensure that your children continue to have the enriching educational experiences that they deserve. You can help ensure that their school life benefits by access to improved facilities and any broader resources that they need. To achieve this, the PTA needs your help.

As a school community, fundraising efforts must continue, even if they may look a little different this year - starting with a Subscription Fund Appeal.

There are a variety of subscription options available that can now easily be paid via SchoolMoney. Please look out for the notification from the office and then follow the link to choose the option that best suits your family's circumstances.

Suggested donations:

  • You can pay £12 per term (select one at a time)
  • You can pay £36 annually (select all 3 terms into your ‘basket’ in one go)
  • Choose your own amount (Select this & at 'checkout’ you will be able to amend the default amount if required)

Please also complete and return the Gift Aid form on Survey Monkey:

This step can earn the school an additional 25p, per £1 donated by you. Win. Any money raised is used to benefit all children across the year groups. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of WBJS families.

Thank you!