Method Videos

On this page you will find videos demonstrating how to do the different methods detailed on the written calculation policy, for the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

The methods are listed in the order that they will be taught through KS2.

Please click on the relevant link to watch the video.


1. Expanded Column Method (Lower KS2)

2. Contracted Column Method 


1. Subtracting on a Number Line (Lower KS2)

2. Expanded Column Subtraction (Lower KS2)

3. Contracted Column Subtraction


1. Arrays (Lower KS2)

2. Grid Method

3.  Expanded Column Method

4.  Contracted Column Method 


1.  Division through sharing and grouping (Lower KS2)

2. Division on a Number Line (Lower KS2)

3. Division on a Number Line with Chunking 

4. Division by Chunking

5. Drop Down Method

6. Bus Stop method (Short Method)

7. Remainders as Decimals and Fractions (Upper KS2)