Enrichment Opportunities

At West Byfleet Junior School many enrichment opportunities take place in Eco education.The following activities and events are embedded as prt of educating children about the importance of Eco education and its investment in all our futures:

1. Weekly paper recycling.Each class has classroom paper recycle bags which are collected by our caretaker each week for specific paper recycling.

2.Daily food recycling. We have dedicated food recycling bins around the hall and playground after lunch periods and ensure this is sent away to ensure it can be recycled for energy.

3. We recycle batteries and have a dedicated recycle bin in reception.

4. We take part in the walk to school initiative and maximise opportunities for children to walk or cycle or even scooter to school.

5.We have a very limited use of laminated sheets in school and as a staff we only use where absolutely necessary.

6.We are currently one of 6 schools in Surrey taking part in the Satro Energy project aimed at monitoring our energy usage and finding ways to target improvement.