New Apple Trees on our School Grounds

A number of WBJS pupils had the joyful opportunity to join Mr Schofield and Mrs Bradshaw to plant four local heritage rare apple saplings on our school grounds on Thursday 14 March.

Mr Schofield’s vision for a school and Community ‘Wildlife Garden Project’ has started to take form with the precious help, expertise and generosity of Mrs Bradshaw, our Eco Parent and Avant Gardener. We look forward to keeping you updated on many Wildlife and gardening school projects that will be happening over the Summer Term and in the years to come.

The apple trees now sit beautifully in our school grounds and we hope to bring some school-made Apple Chutney or some delicious WBJS Apple pies to you all in the near future. The four trees planted are named as follows: 'Byfleet Seeding’, ‘George Carpenter’ (there are 2 of these) and 'Victory'.

The trees were kindly donated by RHS Wisley to West Byfleet Community Gardening Group who then kindly donated to our school.