Young Voices at the O2

At the O2 there were many different acts such as MC Grammar, he was an ex-teacher who is now a globally known, dedicated rapper who turns school lessons into songs. Natalie Williams is a jazz singer who has just finished touring Europe. She made a song for the O2 called, “All you’ve gotta do is be extraordinary.” That we all loved to sing along to. Our favourite parts were Nandy Bushell (a 13 year old talented drummer and saxophone player) who came on stage to lead the band for a rock medley that Natalie Williams wrote and sang. Our favourite song was Pop Medley including, “Crazy what love can do,” “A sky full of stars,” “Hearts upon our sleeve.” It was a very late night and everyone was tired but we couldn’t have done it without Mr Broadbent, Miss Lawrence, Miss Hollins, Mr Edwards and Mrs Bingham.

Written by Darcy, Maya and Daisy.

Photos are now available on the school website: Young Voices on the photo gallery