Year 5 Homework


Spring Term:

Updated: 25.4.19 - Homework 


The most effective way to help your child improve their literacy skills is to hear them read on a regular basis. Even the best readers benefit from being listened to, as it gives them the opportunity to discuss the content of their book as well as check the meaning of unfamiliar words in order to increase their vocabulary. Your child will be given a book mark linked to both the Reading Scheme level they are on and the learning objectives we are focusing on in class. On the reverse of these book marks you find some appropriate questions to aid discussion to further develop your child's understanding of what they have read.

Of course alongside our reading scheme books, we would encourage children to read other material of their own choosing and this should also be entered into their Reading Record Book.

We ask that your child reads at least 3 times a week to an adult with the number of pages covered entered into the Record Book together with the date, your initials and any comments you would like to add regarding fluency.

Any child reading to an adult on 5 separate occasions in a single week will have their name entered into our regular prize draw.


Your child will be given a list of spellings to learn each week in preparation for a short test the following week. We need to see evidence of these words having been practiced at home. This should be in the form of a Honeycomb task being recorded for each word in their Homework book or writing each word in a sentence in their Homework books to demonstrate that they understand the meaning of the word.


Other Homework

Your child will receive other Homework tasks each week which should total 1 hours worth of work. If the tasks are taking much longer than this then please ask the child to stop and write a note in their book. We ask that you sign/initial each piece of Homework in their books. Homework will be set on a Thursday and you will find a link to the task sheet below. The Homework will be due in the on the following Tuesday but can always be handed in early if you wish!

It would be great if you could spend some time practicing your times tables though and remember to keep working on your Spelling Bee words.