Stars Of The Week

                           Week beginning 26th November 2018

Tate Class: Harsini Jeyamurali

For your excellent recall of most of the Times Tables!


Kew Class: Freddie Askey

For working hard on his handwriting.


Eden Class: JJ Silva

For a fab week and achieving his morning targets.


Shakespeare Class: Ethan Law

For enthusiastic participation in class this week – particularly when learning about grammar!


Darwin Class: Elisa Watson

For a very well written character description in English.


Nightingale Class: Bailey McCutcheon

For using wonderful similes when writing her character description in English this week.


Buckingham Class:  Maya Spenceley

For fantastic investigating in Science and great effort with presentation.


Westminster Class: Connie Craddock

For always trying her best across all areas of the curriculum.


Snowdon Class: Dee Duffin and Rhian Kidgell

For being extremely helpful in the classroom this week.


Windermere Class: Amir Brannigan

For consistently producing fantastic art work.