Stars Of The Week

Tate Class: Ava Bird

For an amazing start in Y3, demonstrating excellent focus and outstanding behaviour.

Eden: Fred Stevenson

For fantastic investigating in Maths and great effort with presentation.

Kew Class: Amelie Cutler

For a fantastic start to Year 3 and for outstanding learning behaviour.

Shakespeare: Esther Braun

For writing a simply astounding setting description with incredibly well-chosen vocabulary.

Darwin: Jessica Kerr

For producing an excellent setting description with a range of fantastic sentence starters.

Nightingale: Zaria Hardman

For excellent listening and always following instructions, setting a great example for the rest of the class to follow .

Buckingham: Zara Murphy

For demonstrating perseverance when approaching every lesson.

Westminster: Poppy Way

For a fantastic start to life at West Byfleet Junior School.

Snowdon: .Jon-Lee Reed Gumbrell

For beginning Year 6 with a great attitude.

Windermere: Hassan Younis

For a positive, mature and enthusiastic start to Year 6.