Parent Reps 2021-22



Parent Reps are a valuable link between parents and school!  They provide a source of communication between the school and parents, enabling information to be shared.

What do they do?

  • Attend half termly meetings with the Deputy Headteacher.
  • Pass on ideas and requests from parents to the classteacher.
  • Provide support for the teacher when resources or help are required, either in the classroom or for whole school events.
  • Liaise with parents in the class to keep them informed of activities and events.


What don't they do?

  • Parent reps do not pass on concerns from parents regarding specific children.  We hope that parents feel they can approach staff themselves where there are concerns such as these.

Our Current Reps are:

Year 3: Mrs K Lanaway, Miss A Mallard, Mrs A Rolland

Year 4: Mrs K Gorton, Mrs D DE Silva

Year 5: Mrs C Aldridge, Mrs M Harris,  Mrs I Fairway

Year 6: Mrs P Panchal, Miss L Cook,