Our Staff 2021-22


Senior Leadership Team

Miss Lesley Lawrence


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sophie Frommholz


Deputy Headteacher:
Teaching and Learning; Designated Safeguarding Lead; Year 6 Class Teacher (Snowdon)

Class Teachers

Ms Chrissie Dreher


Year 3 Class Teacher (Eden) Year 3 leader and Year 2/3 Transition and responsibility for History and Geography

Mrs Debs Mallinson


Year 3 Class Teacher and French Teacher (Tate-Thursday and Friday) Responsibility for Modern Languages

Miss Rebecca Voo Year 3 Class Teacher (Eden - Tuesday)
Miss Jemima Heatley

Year 3 Class Teacher (Kew) Responsibility for Art


Mrs Ellie Sheen


Year 3 Class Teacher (Tate - Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) Responsibility for Design Technology

Ms J Creighton


Year 4 Class Teacher (Darwin) Year leader and responsibility for PSHE


Mrs Alison Bullett

Year 4 Class Teacher (Shakespeare) Responsibility for Eco Schools


Miss Satvir Babra

Year 4 Class Teacher  and Senior Teacher(Nightingale) Responsibility for Curriculum


Miss Helen Kent

Year 5 Intervention Teacher (across all classes)

Responsibility for Maths & English


Miss Emily Barrett

Year 5 Class Teacher and Year 5 Leader (Westminster)

Responsibility for English and School Council


Mrs Katerina Turitto

Year 5 Class Teacher (Windsor)

Responsibility for Science


Miss Laura Lonergan

Year 5 Class Teacher (Buckingham) Responsibility for RE

Designated Safeguarding Lead
llonergan@west -byfleet-junior.surrey.sch.uk

Mr Gary Schofield

Year 6 Class Teacher (Windermere) Responsibility for PE, Sport and IT Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Emily Eastland

Year 6 Class Teacher (Aviemore) Responsibility for Maths and School Council


Miss Katie Drabble

Support Teacher - Year 6 Intervention


Mr Andrew Broadbent

Music Specialist

Mrs Sarah O' Keeffe

Inclusion Manager


Support Staff

Mrs Katherine Severn

Deputy Inclusion Manager; Designated Safeguarding Lead

Specialism in Speech and Language difficulties/ASD/Autism

Mrs Lucy Shea

Outdoor Learning Specialist

Specialism in Forest Schools, Pond and vegetable gardening

Mrs Jane Knight

Learning Support Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Discovery After School Assistant

Physical and Sensory Support Assistant

Mrs Connie Law

Learning Support Assistant

EAL Specialist

Miss Nicki Moore

Learning Support Assistant; Designated Safeguarding Lead

Pastoral Support - Year 3

Rise & Shine/Discovery Manager

Swimming Coordinator

Mrs Jenny Chapman

Special Needs Assistant

Dyslexia Trained Specialist

Mrs Thea Kipping Special Needs Assistant

Mrs Amy Tarantino

School Librarian

Learning Support Assistant

Ms Rachel Taylor

Special Needs Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Mrs Laurinda Suddaby

Special Needs Assistant

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Suzanne Randall

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Judith Newton

Special Needs Assistant

Miss Jessica Goodlake

Special Needs Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Mrs Sabrina Atkins

Special Needs Assistant/Midday Supervisor

Mrs Sue Kirkbride

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Gemma Nessling

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Sue Newman

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Sue Shore

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Caroline Allan Midday Supervisor
Mrs Vanda Cunningham Midday Supervisor
Mrs Akeila Campbell Midday Supervisor
Mrs Claire Patterson Midday Supervisor

 Pastoral Support Team

Mrs Mandy Segal


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Claire Clark

Family Link Worker

School Administrative and office staff

Mrs Margaret Gale

School Business Manager

Office Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Fenella Hames

School Secretary

Mrs Claire Edwards

Welfare and Pupil Enrichment

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Victoria Rabbetts Office Receptionist

Mrs Clare Bass

Clerk to Governors

Other Professional Support

Mr Chris Sexton

School PE/Sport


IT Support

Mrs Sue Webber

Forest Schools

Site Manager

Mr Khuram Durrani Site Manager