At West Byfleet Junior School we care about our environment. We are all responsible for taking care of our school.

The Eco Monitors are working really hard to promote environmental issues and inform the children of ways in which we can save resources such as gas, electricty, water and paper.

What have we done so far?

  • We recycle our scrap paper
  • We are recycing batteries with the help of the company, 'Battery Back.'
  • We now have corridor recycling boxes for cardboard, paper, plastics, cans and glass. Our waste disposal company, Grundon, have provided us with an addition two recycling bins
  • The Eco monitors do a weekly presentation to the school where they use our Current Cost meter to tell the school how many KWH of electricity we have used that week. The team give the school a weekly target and also inform the school of which rooms are, 'Good' or 'Bad', depending on whether staff and chidlren have left lights and projectors on their classrooms!
  • The Eco board is up and running and provides information about environmental issues.
  • Label all light switches around school

What are the next steps?

  • An information pamphlet, designed by the Eco monitors, about how to save resources at home
  • Design signs to go on windows, doors and computers which will help people remember to close them or shut them down.