Eco School

At West Byfleet Junior School we care about our environment. We are all responsible for taking care of our school.

The Eco Monitors are working really hard to promote environmental issues and inform the children of ways in which we can save resources such as electricity, water,  paper/card, food and also how we can care for environment in the way we travel to school.

The Eco Team, which has members from all year groups, meets at least three times every half-term to discuss and plan how to tackle issues.

Every half term, The Eco Team discusses and awards an Eco Trophy to a class or an individual who have shown they are eco-friendly.

What have we done so far?

  • Daily use of the Living Streets Travel Tracker to encourage as many pupils as possible to actively travel to school - with this in mind, all year 3 pupils received Pedestrian Skills Training
  • Written a whole school Travel Plan
  • Weekly recycling of paper/card from every classroom, office and staffroom.
  • Recycling of batteries, used pens and ink cartridges with receptacles in the reception area
  • Participation in national events, e.g. The Big Battery Hunt, Switch off Fortnight, The Big School Clean, Walk to School Week, Earth Hour, Earth Day, Travel Tracker Badge Design, Happy Shoesday
  • Signage in every room to remind everyone to save electricity, recycle paper/card, used pens and glue sticks
  • Monitored food waste from the lunch hall and discussed with pupils and Olive Dining how this can be reduced
  • Food waste bins placed in the playground
  • Participation in local events, e.g. saving and monitoring our electricity consumption with a company called SATRO, Recycling Challenge with Surrey Council
  • Recycled school uniforms
  • An up-to-date Eco board which provides information about environmental issues, results and evaluations

What are the next steps?

  • Hold anti-idling workshops and survey of parents
  • Make our bike sheds look more appealing with stickers designed by the children
  • Hold a 'bling your bike/scooter day'
  • Initiate food waste recycling in the staffroom and cookery room