Computing Leader

Mr Schofield

Mr Schofield

Mr Schofield developed an affinity for I.T and computing whilst at university. Part of his combined honours degree St Mary's University Twickenham was in Media Arts, where he learnt how to use various technologies efficiently and effectively to create media content. However, he is completely self-taught when it comes to handling I.T issues that may arise in the work-place.

He has a love for photography as this is a keen hobby of his out of school. Mr Schofield has run photography clubs after school in years pervious and hopes to run these again once we return to normality.

Mr Schofield believes that one of his biggest achievements regarding I.T at West Byfleet is getting the resources together to allow each child the opportunity to use Chromebooks on an individual basis without sharing.

In the future, he hopes to bring more technology into the curriculum to enhance the learning of all children at West Byfleet.