ACS Cobham Environmental Competition

ECO Challenge and Competition

Our links with ACS Cobham have provided a wonderful opportunity to focus on making a real difference to the environment around West Byfleet. They are hosting a competition called “FUTURE IMPACT” designed for children aged between 7-11 years to enable children to research environmental issues and come up with a solution to help combat Climate change for our environment around West Byfleet. Each school enters a team of 5 children which will begin the competition with their idea in January 2022. Before this time, we have to select the team and idea, so therefore are looking for ideas to choose from.

Children will be invited to work in teams in their own time with support from parents  and send in their entries to myself or Mrs Bullett, our Eco Leader by Friday 17 December. We will then select a team to represent WBJS in the ACS competition beginning in mid-January.

What do the children need to do:

Step 1: Research an issue to select from relevant to local area e.g.  Fossil fuels and alternative energy sources; Endangered species – animals and plants; Plastic pollution; Air pollution; Ocean pollution; Food waste; Agriculture and how what we eat can be harmful to the environment.

Step 2: Select one of the above environmental issues to solve

Step 3: Research the solution

Step 4: Develop a proposal

Step 5: Send in the proposal on the Template provide by Friday 17 December. 

Good luck, any further questions please email me. Below are the PowerPoint template for entries, further background information and Activity Sheets 1 and 2 to help.