Sun May 27 2018

Year 6 Homework


Your homework in Year 6 is very important as it will help you to understand what we have been learning in class and it will also help you to be more independent in your learning. In Year 6 we hope that you are able to work independently on your homework and carry it out to the best of your ability. Here are some guidelines to help you do this and to be proud of the homework you carry out.

· Remember to always write the date you are doing the homework and a clear title (this is usually the success criteria for the task). Writing ‘Maths Homework’ is not enough!

· Always take care over the presentation of your work, whether you are writing or drawing.

· Use a pen to write when you have a pen licence. Otherwise use a pencil. Always use a pencil for maths.

· Often you will be able to make a choice for your homework. We will provide you with three choices and you can choose the one that challenges you. Choice 1 will always be the easiest and Choice 3 will always be the most challenging. It does not matter what group you work in at school, you can choose which homework is best for you. Make sure you always show in your book which choice you have made.

· As most of our homework goes on the website it is up to you to make sure you find it on a Wednesday (or another day if you are told). Give yourself time to ask us about it if you are stuck.

· You may sometimes choose to print the homework out yourself at home and stick it in your book. Please think carefully about whether you need to do this. As long as you have written your homework clearly this will often not be necessary.

· Aim to complete your homework by yourself. It is great if someone at home wants to sit with you and give you some guidance, but they should not be doing the homework for you, or telling you what to do! If the homework is too hard for you, you or your parents need to let us know so we can make sure you get homework that is the right level for you.

· Always try your hardest to hand your homework in on time!