Fri May 29 2015

Year 4 2014-15

Pen License

There has been a temporary suspension of pen licences in year 4. This is due to a drop in the level of presentation throughout the year group. We have given children the challenge of earning back their pen licenses within the next five school days. We hope this will renew the pride our children should be taking in their work. To celebrate the achievement of earning back this privilege we have designed a new pen license for each child with their photo and date of this success. I would, however, like to say although there has been a drop in the level of presentation skills, the standard and content of the written work the children are completing is still an area they should be proud of. They have taken great strides in developing the reader interest and accuracy of grammar features within their work.

We would really appreciate your encouragement and support to help all year four children up their presentation skills and take the pride they should be in their work. We apologise if any children are surprised by this development but hope they understand the importance of presentation and are up for the challenge we have set.

Thank you Miss Drabble


In year four during this summer term, we are looking forward to studying a history/geography topic rather close to home - Great Britain. We will be looking at some of the early settlers, undertaking some map work and later in the term looking at some Great British icons and Great British landmarks. We are really looking forward to this topic and hope the children enjoy the tasks we have planned and trips we have organised.

Our Art focus this term

As our topic is Great Britain this term, we will be looking at an old English craft skill - Quilling. We will create images of English flowers using scrolled and folded paper. I will post more information regarding our D&T topic nearer the time but can say we will be using modroc to create some iconic British landmarks.


We will be looking at states of matter, changes of state as well as evapouration and condensation. We hope the children enjoy the planned experiements for the term. In the second half of the term we will be lookin at sound as well as having a focus on SRE.



During the Summer term we shall be creating our own wiki page about our local area, which gives the children an identity through where we live. The children will practise using their editing skills by improving informative writing on our local area of West Byfleet. In the second half of the Summer term we will be collecting and interpreting data through using Microsoft Excel. The children will have the experience to create a variety of graphs and charts and present them in a variety of professional ways. The children are already excited with their Computing topics this term!


In order to celebrate and reward children for their great efforts in their homework, we will be continuing the previously discussed homework incentive for all Year 4 pupils. We will award a certificate (1 per class) for a piece of homework that shows for example the best effort, the most improved effort, great presentation etc. We look forward to celebrating the children's homework with you.

Details of homework

English based homework set on a Monday due in on a Thursday.

Mathematic based homework set on a Wednesday and due in the following Monday.

Spellings will be set on a Monday and tested the following Monday. A list will be written in the children's homework books and each will include a list set by the teacher as well as a selection from the children's own work.




Information regarding the homework task is posted in the homework section of the yr4 webpage - access through the homework link above. we will include the spellings here on a weekly basis, the children's individualised spellings will not be posted.

Both Mrs Sheen and Mrs Knight will be checking Reading Records each week. Please ensure you send your child's Reading Record in with them on a Monday morning.


Thank you for your continued support

Miss Drabble and Mr Wicthell




Miss Drabble - Class Teacher Osprey class

Mrs Sheen - Teaching Assistant Osprey class

Mr Witchell- Class Teacher Hawk class

Mrs Knight - Teaching Assistant Hawk class

Mrs Chapman - Special Needs Assistant (SNA) Hawk class


If you would like to download a copy of the Year 4 weekly timetable, then simply click on the Word document link below.





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