Thu Sep 3 2015

Heads and Deputies 2014-15

Hello, we are the new Heads and Deputies for 2014-15

We are very pleased to have these important roles for this year.

Who are We?




Head Girl - Evie Smith

Hi, I’m Evie from Eagles Class and I’m proud to be your Head Girl! I am kind, approachable and easy to talk to.

You may already know how I love to sing but I also enjoy dancing and reading. I especially like mystery stories. I also love to go and see musicals; my favourite being Matilda.
I have three dogs: Tara, Lulu and Mouse, so life is pretty hectic in our house but lots of fun. I help to take care of them by feeding them at dinnertime and getting involved (and wet) with doggy bath-times!
I think our school is amazing but if you don’t feel the same, you can always come and tell me your ideas on how to make our school amazing for you too. No matter how small your ideas or concerns, they will be important to me.
I promise that I will try my very best to be the most amazing Head Girl that our school has ever had.





Deputy Head Girl- Jessica Wakeford




Head Boy -Miles Hitchens

Hello I am Miles Hitchens and I am your HEAD BOY.I am very exited to be HEAD BOY and I can’t wait to help this school become even better than it is now.

In my spare time I like to act, sing and dance. I also love to make other people happy and laugh. I am very approachable.
And I love hamsters.



Deputy Head Boy - Dougie Harries


About me, Dougie
Hi my names Dougie and I’m your deputy head boy. I live with my 2 sisters my dog, cat and parents. In my spare time I play cricket at my local club.
I can’t wait to contribute in helping the school become a nicer environment. I am trustworthy, approachable and kind. Thank you for voting for me.



We have many important roles and responsibilities:

1. Represent West Byfleet Junior School in all events and activities.

2.Monitor school attendance and present monthly report to whole school.

3.Show guests around school and organise the Open afternoon and Open evening.

4. Meet with our Headteacher, Miss Lawrence, once a month for lunch to discuss new projects, ideas and how to improve learning.

5.Liaise with our School Council on charity and fundraising ideas.

6.Maintain a diary of activities of the Heads and Deputies for sharing with the school community.

7.Assist the PTA in its Monthly Lucky Number club.




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