Thu Aug 21 2014

Heads and Deputies 2013-14

Hello, we are the new Heads and Deputies for 2013-14

We are very pleased to have these important roles for this year.

Who are We?




Head Girl - Katie Potter





Deputy Head Girl- Devon Girdwood




Head Boy -Richard Aldis





Deputy Head Boy - Josh Heywood


We have many important roles and responsibilities:

1. Represent West Byfleet Junior School in all events and activities.

2.Monitor school attendance and present monthly report to whole school.

3.Show guests around school and organise the Open afternoon and Open evening.

4. Meet with our Headteacher, Miss Lawrence, once a month for lunch to discuss new projects, ideas and how to improve learning.

5.Liaise with our School Council on charity and fundraising ideas.

6.Maintain a diary of activities of the Heads and Deputies for sharing with the school community.

7.Assist the PTA in its Monthly Lucky Number club.




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